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China’s Tesla autopilot crash caused by the words “zidong jiashi”

Another controversy for Tesla’s autopilot - another crash was reported in China. The accident is the first recorded in China and occurred months after a terrible crash in Florida. These events have added pressure on regulators and auto industry executives to tighten up regulations on autopilot…

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Natasha Hellberg Warns of 5 Cybercrimes

The secretary general of The Anti-Phishing Working Group, Peter Cassidy, introduced Natasha Hellberg as someone who has been studying cybercrime for several years. Cassidy even stated that Hellberg could help save everyone from cybercrime. She is currently working as a senior threat researcher at…

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Police test new "Howler System"

When it comes to technology upgrade to make work on the field more efficient, the Calgary police will spare no investment to stay up-to-date in the game. The new technology, the Howler System, is a revolutionary way of getting drivers’ attention to a police call. This is how it works. Suppose…

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NASA’S Planned Mars Virtual Reality Experience

Technology continues to progress at an astounding rate. Advances in different fields are amazing on their own, but truly remarkable things can happen when they converge. Take for example the Mars rovers. Previous explorations in 1971 and 1997 were not terribly successful (it was difficult to either…

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Year-long Mars simulation in Hawaii ends

After living in near isolation for a whole year, six people who have completed a Mars simulation in Hawaii are returning home. The team had been kept inside a dome on Mauna Loa and would only go outside in space suits. They did not have access to fresh air, fresh food, or have any privacy. This…

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NASA needs 13 new astronauts

NASA is preparing to write history again as it prepares a new mission to graze the surface of Mars and beyond. This is the first time since 2011 that NASA is taking applications for astronaut positions, one of the most wanted jobs on the planet. Starting on Dec 14th through mid-February,…

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