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  • Women In Tech React To Ellen Pao’s Decision To Step Down

    For years now, there have been one topic that has dominated Silicon Valley and that is gender. According to various report, Silicon Valley has proven to be a very hostile place for women. That said, plenty of things have been taken into account and done so as to ensure that this aspect is changed.…
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  • Western Cape Classrooms Soon To Go Hi-Tech

    As early as next month, schools in Western Cape are set to move away from the norm of using chalks and blackboard to using touch screens. In preparation of this particular move, there has been plenty of things that are being undertaken so as to ensure that the transition is smooth. Among those…
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  • Primo-The Toy That Brings Out The Programmer In Kids

    We live in a world of ace technology and innovation. It has been entwined in our lives to such an extent that it has found its way into the elementary education for kids as well. We have left the days in the past when programming was considered a serious affair for the high-end programmers of…
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  • Generotors on Hire for you!

    Generators on Hire The generator companies are progressive in providing diesel Generators, Silent Diesel Generators and DG set on a monthly as well as on the annual rental basis. Their technocratic DG sets are accessible on rent from 5 Kva to 1000 Kva on contract. According to one of generator…
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  • How to Optimize the Performance of Your Computer

    If your computer isn’t fast as it used to be when it was relatively new, it could be a pretty frustrating experience for you. In time, the speed and performance of the computers go down. However, if your computer is unusually slow, then you can use some tips to optimize the performance. Kill…
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  • Computer science and women

    When a young woman and a student Sonja Khan started college she’d never thought or dreamed that it will be computer science. Then she heard from group of friends that it is actually really good and interesting, so she decided to give it a try. And what happened after ? Sonja Khan ended up…
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  • Technology 5- THE TETechnology Enhancements For Better Development Of Career

    Innovation, utilized fittingly, helps understudies learn science. Electronic apparatuses, for example, spreadsheets and element geometry programming, augment the scope of issues and create comprehension of key scientific connections. An in number establishment in number and operation ideas and…
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  • Cost of data breach increases to an average of $3.8 million

    According to a study, the cost of data breach is increasing for all the companies all over the world as the sophisticated thieves are now targeting the financial and medical records. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of data breach is $3.8 million currently and was about $3.5…
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Natasha Hellberg Warns of 5 Cybercrimes

The secretary general of The Anti-Phishing Working Group, Peter Cassidy, introduced Natasha Hellberg as someone who has been studying cybercrime for several years. Cassidy even stated that Hellberg could help save everyone from cybercrime. She is currently working as a senior threat researcher at…

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Police test new "Howler System"

When it comes to technology upgrade to make work on the field more efficient, the Calgary police will spare no investment to stay up-to-date in the game. The new technology, the Howler System, is a revolutionary way of getting drivers’ attention to a police call. This is how it works. Suppose…

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NASA’S Planned Mars Virtual Reality Experience

Technology continues to progress at an astounding rate. Advances in different fields are amazing on their own, but truly remarkable things can happen when they converge. Take for example the Mars rovers. Previous explorations in 1971 and 1997 were not terribly successful (it was difficult to either…

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Guccifer 2.0 Hacks & Leaks

Much has been made of the hacker Guccifer 2.0 and his three published leaks from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers. There have been hundreds of pages that have been released and also passing on documents to Wikileaks whom have stated they have enough alone to indict presumptive…

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Cyber attacks by the DDoS gang

Since April of 2015, there have been discussions about the cyber attacks by the DDoS gang. They are called the DD4BC group and they are responsible for 114 attacks by DDoS on Akamai customers. Akamai is a leading content delivery network (CDN) for the delivery of media and software, and cloud…

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